Heath and Wealth in Herts

We work within our communities to identify, understand & fulfill their needs – whether social, cultural or commercial.

We design and deliver fresh physical activities and cultural events using our sector expertise and strong networks to deliver community-focused services of the highest quality.

All activities and events are designed using a contemporary approach.


Positivity, energy and a real commitment to enhancing people’s lives are what we’re all about.

All activities and events are designed using a contemporary approach.

We’re passionate about making a difference to people’s happiness and our communities’ economic well-being.

People who crave creativity through visual arts either as visitors or makers.

People who want to be all they can be through creative learning, regardless of age or starting point.

People looking for better health and happiness through shared activities and sporting pursuits.

Did we leave anyone out?

Our Work

The vision and objectives for Cultural Health are highly ambitious and will require careful and systematic development and management.

Accelerating Projects

On the one hand, our work is about accelerating current projects since much activity already takes place to deliver the objectives and on the other hand  a fundamental shift is required in how education and training is organised and delivered.

Maintaining Balance…

Recognising the need to maintain a balance and yet not lose sight of the bigger transformation required.

Transforming Education:

Cultural Health has been established as a two year programme and is best described as a ‘developmental’ and  ‘incubator’ programme, to help transition to the new education tranformation model.