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Tax Repayments

Database of tax repayments. Updated: monthly.

Tax-exempt Special Savings Accounts (TESSA)

Data on Tax-exempt Special Savings Accounts (TESSA)

Tax Credits

Administrative datasets on Tax Credits

Tax Compliance Checks

Verification that suppliers are tax compliant. Updated: annually.

Stamp Taxes

Administrative datasets on Stamp Taxes

Staff temporary promotions

Details of staff on temporary promotion. Updated: annually.

Staff Sickness Absence Reports

Details of rolling 12 months and monthly sickness absence.

Staff Recognitions Bonuses Scheme (RBS)

Detailed reports showing staff in receipt of RBS payments. Updated: quarterly.

Staff Pulse Survey

Survey responses from all HMRC staff who took part in the survey. Updated: quarterly. Data coverage: 2012, 2013

Staff permanent promotions

Details of staff permanently promoted. Updated: annually.

Staff performance mark reports

Performance marks for staff in the department. Updated: annually.

Staff in receipt of overtime payments report

Detailed report showing staff in receipt of overtime payments. Updated: quarterly.

Staff Engagement

Survey of employee engagement levels. Updated: quarterly.

Solicitors Contract meetings

Meeting Minutes from monthly CM meetings with Sols. Updated: monthly.

Rollover Relief Shipping Survey

Database to record the balancing charge from the sale of a ship that a company has elected to roll over to offset against purchase of another ship. Updated: Biannually

Revenue protected tax receipts

Tax receipts that are protected through HMRC activity, such as legislative action or guidance, that prevents non-compliance.

Personal Pensions Schemes

Data on personal pensions

Non STEPS (Strategic Transfer of the Estate to the Private Sector) information Contract Timber Procurement Policy

Letters issued to Non-STEPS (Strategic Transfer of the Estate to the Private Sector) contractors to ensure compliance to Government procurement policy for timber. Updated: annually.

Net Tax Receipts

Tax receipts. Updated: monthly.

Mobile and Flexible Working survey

Survey of HMRC staff working patterns and attitudes to mobile/flexible working. Updated: one-off survey. Data coverage: 2013/14