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Permanent Forest Mensuration Sample Plot Network

Permanent forest mensuration sample plots that are re-measured every 5 or 10 years as part of a rolling annual programme. Data is collected from a sample of public and private woodland sites...

Document preservation and treatment

Data relating to repository environments

Yearly report on Habitats

This document gives the current areas of broad and priority habitats across the estate

Design Plan Units

A Spatial dataset. This dispersed dataset shows information on forest plan coverage, approval and expiry on the Public Forest Estate.

Forestry Commission England Corporate Plan Performance Indicators Input Indicator 1 supporting dataset

Components of Input Indicator 1: Cost to Forest Services of providing tree health service including surveys and staff time

Hydrocarbon Oils

Administrative datasets to collect Hydrocarbon Oils Taxes

Quarterly Monitoring of Feed Law Controls

Numbers of animal feed inspections delivered and sampling carried out by Local Authorities on a quarterly basis, summarised by regional Trading Standards groups.

Other Species Conditions Data

Conditions data in species other than cattle, poultry, pigs and sheep & goats, collected by Food Standards Agency staff at approved meat establishments as a percentage of throughput. The data...

Animal Welfare Non-Compliances in Approved Slaughterhouses

Animal Welfare non-compliance data collected and categorised by the Food Standards Agency in approved slaughterhouses. Level 3: Potential risk of compromising animal welfare but where there is no...

Animal Welfare and Hygiene Compliance Sections

List of Animal Welfare and Hygiene sections that FSA staff record non-compliances against on the integrated Animal Welfare and Enforcement system

Nitrate survey of leafy green vegetables

Nitrate occurrence levels reported for spinach, rocket, lettuce and minor varieties.

FCI/CCIR - IRIS conditions

A list of post-mortem rejection conditions, agreed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in partnership with the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) and representatives of the...

Salmonella testing programme

Results of the Salmonella Testing Programme collected by the Food Standards Agency's which applies to food business operators processing over 37,500 pigs a year. The results are reported by month.

Raw Cows' Drinking Milk Quarterly Sampling

Volume of raw cows’ drinking milk samples which passed or failed their quarterly microbiological analyses by month.

Radiological Monitoring Data

Radioactivity monitoring reports used to ensure that any radiation present in the environment or food chain does not compromise food safety.

Biotoxin Results for England and Wales

Official control monitoring data for regulated biotoxins which can be found in shellfish in England and Wales.

Microbiological Official Control Sampling Schedule

FSA Northern Ireland Official Control Shellfish Sampling Dates for Microbiology

Phytoplankton Sampling Schedule for Northern Ireland

Official control monitoring data for toxin producing algae found in water samples within classified harvesting areas within Northern Ireland

Biotoxin Official Control Sampling Schedule

FSA Northern Ireland Official Control Shellfish Sampling Dates for Biotoxins.

Approved Food Establishments in England and Wales

A full list of establishments in England and Wales approved to handle, prepare or produce products of animal origin for which requirements are laid down in Regulation (EC) No 853/2004. A monthly...