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Government Major Projects Portfolio data for HMRC

As part of the transparency policy for publication of major projects data the Major Projects Authority (MPA) has published its first Annual Report. It includes a set of combined data of the...

HMRC: senior officials’ secondary outside employment

This dataset provides information about any paid (or otherwise remunerated) outside secondary employment, declared by members of the Senior Civil Service (SCS) in HM Revenue and Customs through the...

HM Revenue & Customs officials' meetings with tobacco stakeholders

Details of HMRC officials' meetings with tobacco stakeholders.

Non-consolidated Performance Related Pay - HM Revenue & Customs and Valuation Office Agency

Publication of information on Non-consolidated Performance Related Pay data for departments and their agencies in respect of the performance year 2010-11 onwards.

Corporation Tax Data Mining Mart (CT DMM)

The CT Data Mining Mart is used in HMRC for compliance and policy analysis, measuring the Department's performance and for risk assessment and improving compliance. It was created as part of the...

Betting and Gaming Factsheet

The Betting and Gaming Factsheet provides information on betting and gaming duties and it contain historic series for the amount of duty collected, and the amount of betting and lottery stakes in...

Disposal of PM waste

Data by tonnage of PM waste removed for sustainable destruction by supplier (banner). Updated: monthly.

UK Property Transaction Statistics

Monthly estimates of the number of residential and non-residential property transactions in the UK and its constituent countries, with value £40,000 or above. Previously listed under 'Revenue-based...

Air Passenger Duty

Administrative datasets on Air Passenger Duty

Oils warrant or H10 Warrants

Summaries of reports from oils companies

Office Furniture Specifications

Specifications and details of products by supplier that meet HMRC requirements. Updated: ad hoc.

North Sea Oil Model

SAS based field microsimulation model used principally for forecasting North Sea oil and gas revenues. Includes survey data of oil and gas companies' production and expenditure, as well as...

Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS)

Annual returns made by Enterprise Investment Scheme companies. Updated: Quarterly. Data available from 1993/94 onwards

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Direct Service Agreements (DSA)

Recovery plans to provide contingency arrangements for Estates & Support Services (ESS) across the HMRC estate in the event of failure. Updated: annually.

Stamp Duty Model

Sampled Base year MSD data and SAS code to project this data forward using HMT assumptions on property prices and transaction volumes growth

Income tax

Administrative datasets on income tax

Registered Excise Dealers and Shippers (REDS)

Provides information on revenue collected by different duties through registered excise dealers and shippers data. Updated: monthly.

National Insurance Recording System (NIRS2 - now part of NPS) - 1% sample

Extract from HMRC National Insurance Recording System (NIRS). 1% sample of P14 data plus 100% employer / P35 data. Produced in conjunction with DWP. Updated: annually. Data coverage: 2004-05 -...

C18 forms data

Information on form C18 Post clearance demand note - goods imported from outside the EU or intra-EU movement not in free circulation. Data coverage: 2004/05, 2005/06, 2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09

Wealth Model

Input data and outputs from the wealth model - a model based on Inheritance Tax returns data used to produce National Statistics publications on wealth. Updated: every 3 years. Data coverage: 2008-10